50th Anniversary Gala Pops Concert at the Rockefeller Arts Center

Michael C Rockefeller Arts Center at SUNY Fredonia, 280 Central Ave, Fredonia, NY

Many of the talented student singers who have graced the stages of Fredonia over the last 50 years have gone on to successful performing careers in Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Las Vegas, California and on Broadway – not to mention national tours that have taken them to virtually every state in the union. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rockefeller Arts Center, 18 of our most accomplished alumni return to campus for a showcase of some of the most popular jazz standards and show tunes of all time with the Western New York Chamber Orchestra and Big Band.

DFT Communications Pops Series. Event sponsor: WDOE and 96 KIX Country

The 50th Anniversary dinner at 6pm, before this concert is $50 per person. See https://events.fredonia.edu/event/50th_anniversary_celebration_dinner_for_rockefeller_arts_center

Level I : $50, Level II: $40, Level III: $30, Level IV: $20