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I Know More Now CD
De Lorenzo has a penchant for story songs that pack a profound punch. In this regard, he is always committed and gives thrilling interpretations of old and new gems that speak from the soul. All songs on this eclectic CD are beautifully arranged and sung with passion.” - John Hoglund

Cabaret Scenes

Although I saw a few good tributes to Sinatra this year, nobody brought such fizzy joy to the centennial occasion as De Lorenzo. A consummate musician who makes you feel he's having the time of his life every moment he's on stage, which only adds to your enjoyment.” - Kevin Scott Hall

— Edge Media Network

Brian De Lorenzo at Scullers Jazz Club
There are good shows and there are great shows, but once in a blue moon you’re at a cabaret and you know something extraordinary is going on.” - Beverly Creasey

— Cabaret Scenes

Brian De Lorenzo at The Metropolitan Room
Brian De Lorenzo is on the small list of today’s great masculine voices.” - Ron Forman

— Cabaret Scenes

Found Treasures CD
Although the title of Brian De Lorenzo's Found Treasures refers to the songs it contains, the cabaret singer is one himself. Possessing a clear tenor which he uses with earnest emotional intensity, De Lorenzo sings with complete commitment.” - Max O. Preeo

— Show Music

Found Treasures CD
Emotional honesty is a cabaret singer's stock in trade, and De Lorenzo has it. He makes every song sound like an account of his own experience and emotions, and he conveys each one with a directness that makes the experience the listener's as well.... De a talented music theater artist with an easy-to-listen-to voice, an engaging, emotionally honest style, and an uncanny knack for picking great, little-known songs.... Ask your record store for it, and if they don't have it, tell them they should.” - Jon Lehman

— The Patriot Ledger

When a singer has a voice like Brian De Lorenzo, musicians like to say, "He is a songwriter's best friend." Schooled in musical theatre since he was a child, De Lorenzo brings to the stage an instrument that is not only well-trained but strikingly beautiful. He has one of those rare voices that make first-time listeners stop and say, "Who is that?” - Chet Williamson

— Worcester Magazine

However, it's the sole male member of the troupe who gets the lion's share of the material. That's fine by me, as he's the versatile and strong singer Brian De Lorenzo. The guy has a real flair for the period style. Whether turning on the charm with a showy bit of flash or a sentimental ballad with his pure, high voice, he's perfect casting. I knew his talent and affection for more recent theatrical material from a well-done solo album, Found Treasures, so I'm not surprised.” - Rob Lester

— Talkin' Broadway

His vocals place him among the best currently appearing on the New York cabaret scene.” - Stu Hamstra

— Cabaret Hotline Online

De Lorenzo has a very pretty voice, he's especially good at making eye contact, and he's very likable. His "Tonight at Eight" is exuberant, he performs "My First True Love" with considerable personality and charm, and his rendition of "Giants in the Sky" has vitality.” - Roy Sander

— Back Stage